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Our Females

All our animals are stunning in their own ways, and our gorgeous girls are no exception. With a variety of colors and traits, we are sure to have the animal with the perfect temperament and personality to fit your lifestyle!



Standard Poodle

Molly is a future breeder who lives with Shayna. She's her pride and joy and the sweetest girl (although she does steal a bit of food off the table when no one is looking). She's CKC registered and health tested. When she's of age, she will make the most BEAUTIFUL pups.



Mischievous Bundle of Fun

Emi is one of a kind! She is playful and sweet and loves to romp around with the puppies. She is an AKC registered and health tested standard poodle with the most soulful eyes. We expected her to have her first litter in 2021.



Medium Goldendoodle

Sawyer is a medium sized golden doodle with so much love to share. She's obedient and smart and LOVES to play. She's got a beautiful silvering in her hair and we can't wait to see what her puppies look like.



Sweet and Compassionate

Fallon is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. She LOVES to snuggle and follows us around everywhere we go. She's an AKC registered cafe au lait standard poodle.

Females: Females
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